Friday, November 5

I go for a walk on the beach, the sun is shining and it is still lovely and warm, not very appropriate weather for Bonfire Night, but I'm not in the right country to celebrate that anyway. The seaglass glistens, nestled amongst the stones. Ideas are forming in my head. I collect a handful of glass jewels and rush home

I miss Bonfire Night. Wrapping up warm with scarves and gloves, walking along a frosty woodland pathway lured by the crackling bonfire up ahead. Children shrieking and running around in excitement. The silhouette of the Guy Fawkes on the bonfire as flames creep closer. Marshmallows toasted on sticks, potates cooked in the embers, hot chocolate grasped betwen gloved fingers, and then the fireworks...
I play with the seaglass for a while and eventually know what I want to do.
But aren't I silly! I could have organised a bonfire night here, on the beach! I could have invited all the expats and anyone else who wanted to come. We could have had marshmallows and sausages on sticks, potatoes cooked in foil and fireworks and even sparklers if I'd thought about it in time.
I know why it didn't occur to me though, it's the weather! Bonfire Night has to be on a cold frosty evening when you can see your breath in clouds in front of you and your feet go numb with cold even though you have two pairs of socks on..Here on the Coast there is hardly a need for a coat in the evening, yesterday we ate dinner outside and nobody had coats on...
I sit back and look at what I've made. Not bad for a first go, but lacking in beads I decide to a few days time I'll visit the bead shop in Brighton and then we'll see what I can do!Have fun if you're in the UK and going to a Bonfire Night party tonight, eat a marshmallow on a stick for me!


  1. I am so in love with the green and turquoise seaglass. I've already said that the earrings are gorgeous, and that necklace! I mean, !!!!!
    You *have* to pursue this. It'll cost you next to nothing and you could easily sell them on Etsy. Easily, I tell you.

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  3. I would love to be able to pick up Sea Glass, so beautiful.

    We did celebrate Bonfire night once, when we lived near a small beach in Wales.. it was great fun, but I am not particular bothered. We did used to go to organized nights, when we were on the Royal Air Force Camp, were not allowed to light them, well we were not then.

    We had a bit of rain today, so lets hope it is not too bad for tonight.

    One place I have never been to "Brighton" .. I was meant to go years ago with my husband, but somehow, that got passed .

    Your jewellery is beautiful .. well done :-) :-)

    Oh yes, Thank you for your lovely comment, I do hope we meet one day, it is so lovely to meet up with fellow bloggers :-)

  4. I am catching up with my blog reading and was pleased and surprised to find you have posted three already this month, good to see you posting again. I love collecting seaglass, like you have been making the most of this spell of autumnal sunshine after the terrible rains Italy suffered last week.
    Bonfire night, no I do not miss it, much more fun to have fireworks on balmy summer evenings.
    Say hello to the lanes for me when you are in Brighton.

  5. The seaglass is so beautiful, as is your jewelry. xxoo :)


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