Monday, November 22

I like walking around London in the early winter evenings. It gets dark so fast and always seems so much later than it really is. I love walking around in the cold air until my hands are stiff with cold, then ducking into a coffeeshop or a pub to warm up and have a drink.
One evening I caught the tube to Tower Hill and walked across Tower Bridge as the moon rose. I walked along the river for an hour and then jumped onto a warm, bright red bus where I sat on the top deck reading someone elses discarded newspaper until I was in walking distance of home.
Another cold evening I walked around Soho, Covent Garden and Chinatown, through the seedy sex shop area, the trendy boutiques and the vivacious gay are of Old Brompton Street. I ducked into an old tudor pub to warm my hands with a glass of Christmassy mulled wine.
Another evening while exploring the Christmas market on Southbank I decided at the last second to go for a ride on the London Eye. Twenty minutes of peace in a slow moving capsule with a captivating view acrosss the city. Last time I went for a ride on the London Eye was years ago, there was just the two of us in the capsule and another couple. As soon as the doors closed the couple opened a rucksack and spread out a picnic to die for...Crusty french baguette, creamy brie, pate', olives and champagne. I recommend this as a must do for anybody visiting London!


  1. Sounds lovely, you make me want to visit London!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I think I'll wait for warm weather to visit though.

  3. Beautiful photos! I walked in all of those places this past summer, however I didn't take a ride on the London Eye much to my regret. Next visit, I definitely will! xxoo :)

  4. Wow, you took some fab photos of London by night.

  5. My anticipation to visit London is growing exponently.
    And now I am quite envious.
    Gorgeous night shots and description!

  6. Once again you share a familiar view with me, this time of Tower Bridge as our daughter lived in that part of London for awhile :)
    I love the romantic picnic idea.

  7. Great night shots, you have such a good eye and the new camera is proving its worth.


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