Wednesday, November 3

It was a lovely sunny day today, still no need for coats or sweaters so I went for a little walk this morning and loved seeing these polka dot sheets flapping on the line with the sea in the background:
Can you imagine my horror this morning when I realised that I had only ONE proper teabag left? (The weak stuff you can buy here just will not do, I have to have 'real' English teabags)
Luckily my Uncle arrived in town this afternoon and brought me a lovely big box with 240 teabags inside. It's amazing how happy I feel just because of a box of teabags!


  1. You can take the girl out of England, but you cannot take England out of the girl! :) Any special tea flavor you prefer?

  2. I'd gladly send you tea if you needed it! It might take til next October but it would be my pleasure!

  3. I will send you teabags from the UK if you wish .. My hubby takes tea bags on holiday with him ... I am grateful as I love tea first thing in the morning but apart from the morning cuppa I never think about it.


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