Monday, November 22

Marc Bolan Tree

It was almost dark as Dad and I drove home from London, but I still noticed the ribbons tied to the tree branches waving in the cold wind. "Dad, pull over a minute please, I want to see something." He pulled over and I ran back towards the tree. I remembered something tragic about it, something to do with the colour purple maybe...
Aah, of course, this is the tree that was hit by the purple mini in 1977. The passenger was killed. He was Marc Bolan from T-Rex and the tree had become what is known as one of Englands Rock Shrines.
I stood there for a few minutes, reading the notes left by fans. It was cold and a few flakes of snow drifted down from the sky. I pulled my collar up and ran back to the car...
"That's where Marc Bolan died," I told Dad.
"Oh,Marc Bolan? I worked with him." (This is a pretty standard answer from my Dad whenever anybody famous is mentioned, especially from the 60's and 70's!)
"Yeah? What was he like?" I asked.
" Oh, he wasn't in a good mood, I was supposed to be directing him but he said to me, "stop telling me what to do you motherf***er." I can tell you, he's the only person that ever told me I was a motherf***er to my face and got away with it!"
And so away we drove.


  1. That's a tragic yet funny story, the only song I know by T-Rex that is one of my Favourites is Get It

  2. Funnily enough my father-in-law worked with Marc Bolan too .. designed and did all his posters for concerts etc

    So very tragic was one of my favourites .. and I went to see him at Wembley with school, all the class from our English class.


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