Sunday, November 7

Kayaking video

On Saturday morning we woke up and it was another beautiful day. Later on I had a plane to catch, but rather than stay in and pack bags I decided to make the most of the weather. So we went kayaking!

I started talking in the first video and soon my little koala who was balanced behind me with her arms and legs wrapped around me, started to join in too. In the end I let her record and explain a few things too...let me know what you think of her English, it's not perfect but it's kinda cute!

It's a shame my camera was playing up a lot, it kept stopping recording, wouldn't focus etc so we lost the best part when Skye very seriously explained about the rock that was bombed in "the war of Positano" and I fell about laughing (she meant the Second World War!)
It comes to rather an abrupt end because the memory card was full too, then the film format wasn't accepted by my editing programme so I had to use somebody elses which I was unfamiliar with..but anyway here it is:
(By the way as soon as we came back to shore we had to leg it home to shower and change and dash off to the airport so I didn't miss my flight!)


  1. Hi Charlie .. thank you for sharing this wonderful time with us. How fantastic to be able to do that .. and just look at the weather .. T-shirt material.

    It is funny when you hear a voice for the first time, .. I wasn't sure what to expect ..Whereabouts are you from. and your little girls English is brilliant , she does sound English .. and speaks better English than some people here.

  2. OH MY GOSH HOW TALL SHE HAS BECOME!! I can't believe it, where did the little child go?!
    Her English has improved vastly since I saw her, she sounds like a mini-you now :)

    No offense, but before I met you I never liked the English spoken in England. I fought it in school and always wanted to sound American, but then I met you and your English is beautiful! I'm quite torn now :)

  3. You missed out on bonfire night (which was a warm day in the UK)but we can always have an Easter egg hunt at my place...

    You are very good with rowing and filming simultaneously btw!

    The grotta under the Torre di Fornillo always gives me the creeps too - maybe we are channelling into some part of it's history ?

  4. Charlie, The video was marvelous! Your daughter has a very good command of English! She sounds much better than I do with y American version of your language. Like Annika I can't believe how tall she has gotten. I guess there won't be any seafaring videos from England, but enjoy your trip.

  5. Charlie in all the years you've been posting this is my favourite video of the sea and the beach and your beautiful KOALA talking to us about Positano, it was great! Her English is great too! It was a beautiful here on Saturday as well, but of course it was more jacket weather then t-shirt weather! Excellent video. bacci Lucia

  6. Lilia is becoming so long , when she swam to your husbands kayak I could not beleive the length of her legs.

    I must say you have nerves of steel kayaking out with a child in tow, the shore line looked to far away . I was just curious , here if you go out on any boat or kayak you are required by law to wear life vest, children espically, this is not a reflection on you in any way just an observation in comparison to our rules here in Canada.
    I loved the video and thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Charlie, this is a wonderful video and Lila's English is fantastic, she has a real English accent and sounds just like you.
    Also, I KNEW it was .... (how do you call him here???) in the canoe Saturday morning as I hung clothes out and saw a canoe silhoutte paddling towards Li Galli.
    But. Was the lady friendly? I believe I know who it is and my thought is ... no.
    Thanks for this, it was really nice.

  8. What a wonderful video - I loved it! Your daughter's English is fabulous and definitely sounds alot like you. Thanks for sharing a sweet moment and the gorgeous views from the water!!

  9. What a beautiful day it was in Positano on Saturday, thanks for sharing this beautiful video.


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