Thursday, November 4

There is so much RED around at the moment, when the sun is out the whole town glows:

The weather is always spectacular just before I am about to leave for England, It's like it is trying to show me what I will miss and convince me to stay, just a little bit longer...


  1. I love the earrings CHARLIE. They're so nice! It's funny when Marina and I go to the beach by us, she says "I'm going to collect "sea glass". I want to correct her but I don't it's nice to imagine living by the sea even if it's just a great big lake!

  2. Wow lovely colours.. forgot to say love your new look blog :-)

  3. I was just up those steps 3 hours ago admiring the same lovely colours in the beautiful sun.
    Don't feel bad about going to England ... I wish I went!


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