Wednesday, November 10

Painshill Park

This is what I have been craving, the English countryside! Let's go for a walk with Dad in Painshill Park it's not far at all from home.
The sun is shining, the air is crisp and pure, the leaves are glowing and the lake sparkles. First thing you come to in the park is a walled garden full of medicinal herbs and plants. The entrance is a little door in the wall, just like in the book 'The Secret Garden'.

Piles and piles of red, orange and yellow leaves all over the ground, just waiting to be waded through and kicked up into the air!(When I knelt down to take this photo I wasn't looking and kneeled on a chestnut shell, ouch!)

We wander up to the vineyards overlooking the lake then through the evergreen garden until we come to the Gothic Temple with its spectacular view across the lake:

Then we walk down a little pathway that leads to a folly know as the Ruined Abbey. It appears suddenly before us through the trees and as we step through the arched doorway we come out onto a warm sun-soaked lawn in front of the lake. The temperature must have risen by about 5 degrees as we stepped into the sunlight.

Mushrooms growing on the shore of the lake! Look, there's Dad in the background!

Back up along a zigzag path and we find a berry garden hidden away amongst the trees:

The Chinese bridge has been totally restored (it was originally built in the 1700's. We cross over and find ourselves on a small peninsular where the famous Grotto is.

The Grotto is a 40 suare foot, beautiful cave, actually designed by a professional Grotto Designer. It was finished in about 1765 and is made of limestone. In December you can even visit Father Christmas here!

This tree was such a bright shade of orange, the photo does not do it justice. There are two of them and they were imported from Senegal.

We've nearly looped our way all around the lake and a few swans have come to greet us. You can see the Gothic Temple in the background. I hope you've enjoyed our walk, now it's time to go home for a warming cup of tea!


  1. Beautiful photographs, I thoroughly enjoyed the walk with you.

  2. Splendido!
    Thank you

  3. What a beautiful park. It really is so British, all the lovely green grass....the grass is never as fluffy and green over here!

  4. Oh Painshill Park it is a good few years since we have been there, so thankyou so much for sharing your visit. Your trips back to the UK are to our old stomping grounds so you always seem to recall memories for us thankyou :)

  5. hello charlie, i love the new layout for your blog, and your jewelry is beautiful :) have a wonderful time in england.


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