Tuesday, November 2

Virgin coconut oil and black cocoa butter silky smooth lip balms.

Yesterday's strong winds and rough seas have calmed down, today it is very quiet and still. The town is officially in mourning for Giovanna who should have been celebrating her 16th birthday today and the flags at the town hall have been lowered.

The season is officially ending, restaurants and shops are starting to close. The boats are being pulled from the sea and the pomegranate trees are heavy with fruit. Every now and then a waft of fragrant woodsmoke drifts through the air evoking wintery thoughts. At home I've filled the fireplace with a pile of twinkling fairly lights to give an impression of warmth and cosiness. I switch it on in the evenings and it glows and flickers prettily in the corner of the room.

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  1. I am so happy you're back! I like the new blog design, too. I'm looking forward to future posts. Happy November, Charlie!


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