Monday, November 22

While I was away...
The rough seas made a good job of wrecking the pier:
It has now been closed and fenced off. Obviously nothing can be done to fix it until the sea calms down. It was still rough this morning:
Here you can just see the remains of the circle where the helicopters could land, and a huge chunk missing from the front of the pier where the ferries dock:
And a big piece of wall, hanging by a thread:
It's quite sad to see the place that I worked in for the last few years destroyed like this.


  1. Wow, mother nature has a vicious streak! there's no fighting her.

  2. Oh wow! I've seen photos of the wild waves but I couldn't imagine that they'd make such damage.

  3. Oh my goodness, we had heard about the storms but not about the pier.

  4. growing up in hurricane country, i can definitely believe it.

    besides the whole destructive side of it, i always enjoyed the rough seas, as long as i was on land :)


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