Monday, November 22

Yummy things to eat at the weekend markets:
Eating Singapore noodles outside with freezing hands whilst exploring Camden Lock:
Endless walks along the River Thames:
And more walks through the parks and woods in and around London:
Feeding the fox who sits and waits outside the door every day:
Whiling away spare time,discovering things at all the museums, zoos and attractions around town:
Oh yes, I certainly will...


  1. I love Camden Market .. and the Noodles too :-)

  2. Looks like you are having a fabulous time! xxoo :)

  3. I haven't strolled through London for a very long time. Your photographs made me think that perhaps one of these days I really ought to again.

  4. the fox is still there? I remember you telling me about it before!
    The sweets in the first picture look a lot like your soaps. Bet they taste better though ;)

  5. Simply beautiful.

  6. A adore the photo of the manta ray and the foxy fox but the store fronts on Camden way are extrodinary, wow !
    I've had a mind melt cant recall my secert password tried all of them.


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