Friday, December 17

Even though we'll be spending Christmas in England I felt that we should have some decorations here before we leave. Our trusty live Christmas tree which we have dragged inside for the last 4 years is now a bit too tall, a bit too large and a bit too bedraggled to be dressed up and put in the corner of the room so it was time to improvise.

I wento up into the woods, along the stone pathway on which you have to concentrate on where you put your feet. There's a very sheer drop off the side:
The town sat placidly below, appearing every now and then through the trees:
Eventually I found the perfect branch:
Back home, I sprayed it gold, put it in a flowerpot, wrapped it in fairy lights and let Skye hang the decorations on the branches, e voila! My instant cheap Christmas tree!


  1. HOw lovely!

    I shall voluntarily ignore the fact that you're going back to England for Xmas. Green, I am.

  2. You have only just gone back to Italy from the UK ... How long you in the UK for .?? I do hope that you have a safe journey .. take care Anne, and Merry Christmas

  3. Your "tree" is lovely! Enjoy your Christmas in England!! xxoo :)

  4. Beautiful artistic genius! Looks like you finally have a tree that won't grow too big or drop needles.

  5. Firstly I could not walk along that path... my fear of heights would have rooted me to the spot for eternity! and secondly I love your tree... absoulutely beautiful...

    Safe journey back to England... tis snowing a little over here! ;D

    x Alex


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