Wednesday, December 1

Humid, misty and unusually warm:
So I got back from the UK just in time to miss the snow. Although snow might be preferable to the monsoon season here in Italy. It hasn't stopped raining since I left for London nearly four weeks ago.
At least it it fairly warm outside due to the scirocco wind blowing over from Africa and bringing with it heaps of red sand which cover everthing in sight.
Although from afar the coast looks grey and drained of colour, if you get up close and personal there are bright splashes of colour everywhere.
I've noticed that every time I go out in normal shoes or boots it pours with rains and everything everthing gets soaked. But if I go out with my wellies on it immediatly stops raining and I just look stupid. Today I went out in my wellies and it didn't rain all morning, so I went home and changed to normal boots, went out again and of course it poured. I already have 2 drowned pairs of shoes at home so Sksye and I ended up walking up the steps ( for steps read: waterfall) home barefoot with our trousers rolled up.
"This is fun!" said Skye.
"This is not normal" I thought.
This is Italy though.
Keep warm and dry wherever you are!


  1. I can just picture the scene! Lovely photos despite the weather and you do not exaggerate about the rain, it is certainly the wettest autumn we have experienced since moving to Italy.

  2. We have had no snow where I live/work in Pickering/Toronto for the month of November, although north of us has(Northern Ontario).It's actually been called the rainiest November. I'm actually happy that it hasn't snowed. It's a nightmare to drive to work when it snows. I like to watch it snow then melt as soon as it hits the ground.

  3. Your photos are beautiful!! It is dry here in Southern California, a bit nippy in the morning but turning out to be a really nice day! xxoo :)

  4. It's been raining on and off for weeks in Australia as well. Apparently we are in for a wet summer!

  5. Weather looks real bad in a lot of Europe. UK crippled by snow and cold, buildings in Pompeii just crumbling due to the heavy, flooding and ice in other areas... Glad you are safe!

  6. Gee, enough with the rain already. I have never seen so much here!
    I have been wearing my wellies every single day for the past 3 or 4 weeks ...
    But your shots are gorgeous, as usual.


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