Tuesday, December 14

I must admit that I get a kick out of purposely not buying lemons. I love that fact that while I am cooking I can just yell, "lemons!" over my shoulder and Skye scrambles to put her shoes on, grabs a small swagbag and a torch and goes scrumping or lemon-hunting. Ten minutes later she's back, her bag bulging with lemons from nearby trees, leaves sticking out of her hair, bright red cheeks and sparkly eyes. I feel like she is continuing on a family tradition as her Grandad used to go scrumping for apples as a child during the war.
She loves the thrill of it too, especially at night. She's just come in now with four lemons, leaves attached, just in time for dinner.


  1. Well, I'll give you that.
    We have loads of lemons everywhere!
    My GOD Lila is growing up more beautiful each time I see her, which is not so often these days :(

  2. If I could I'd send her to your house to steal lemons, you have the biggest, fullest lemon tree I've seen here!

  3. oh what a boy magnet she will be in just a few years if she hasn't begun already. She's all grown up now!

  4. Lila is adorable! Now, how to convince the bf to move to Positano ASAP? Maybe I'll play up the lemon tree angle :)

  5. Ha ha I'm glad I don't live near you! We have our own lemon scrumpers in the zone :)

  6. I thought of this post the other day as I sent the children went out to fetch almonds off the tree in the school yard, and grapefruits from a deserted house the other week, and had a giggle. Scrunping indeed. We never called it that, but perhaps we'll start.


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