Tuesday, December 7

I've been making some earrings and necklaces using sea glass and silver. I actually got the idea from a dream..I dreamt that I was selling necklaces with silver pendants with Italian words stamped onto them, and when I woke I realised that it might actually be a good idea. Here are my first few attempts. What do you think? I'd really like some feedback!
This year we have a real Christmas tree in the piazza, it has been planted with its roots so that after Christmas it can be replanted somewhere and not wasted. I think it is much prettier than the fake tree we've had the last few years.
Absolute silence on a Saturday evening in winter. At this time in the summer it would be crowded with people going out for the evening.


  1. Oh Charlie the beach glass jewellery is delicious!!
    Brava for tuning into your dream vision. I still have bagfuls of Pos beach glass stashed away for projects. I've made picture frames, collages, decorated vases, etc. and filled bowls that I can dig my hand into when I need my Positano fix. But jewels... had never thought of that. Pure genius.

    Love the tree, so pretty with all the white lights. I've not been back in a long time and miss it terribly.

    Wishing you a happy holiday season,
    Eleonora xx

  2. Lovely jewellery... If you open an etsy shop (or any online shop) let me know... and are you able to print names? I'd love one with sea glass and my childrens names... ;D don't seem to find sea glass on our beaches anymore... :(

    The tree is beautiful... and helping to raise a glimmer of festive feelings in my heart... just not getting it at the moment... not sure why!? :(

    I am not sure whats going on with our weather... I can't remember the last time its been this cold for this many consecutive days... soon to be weeks... I wonder if its something gulf stream related... which I hope not .. . the last time the gulf stream was altered Europe was under a mile of ice! I'm not sure I could live with that for very long! ;D

    hugs to you and your family
    X Alex

  3. Doh... I meant if you list them in your shop! not with it at all today... must be the cold...its only -4 in hte westcountry but thats cold enough for me! lol


  4. I love it! Amore, Per Sempri, Baci. I've seen it here too, with "hope" "love" "faith".
    The jewellery looks fantastic.

  5. I like those necklaces very much and would like to buy one for my wife. Do you have the ability sell online?
    (I'm in the States)

  6. I think lots of people love finding sea glass so imagine this would be a popular line. Lovely to see Positano's Christmas tree.

  7. It's the first time that I hear of someone putting their dreams into work.
    Good for you, it came out really nice. I also have a lot of seaglass and tiny shells, but they're simply resting there.

  8. Dollyna, you know where to send it if you don't want it!
    Len, I will sell at some point..keep tuned in for news!
    Lucy,why is my soap in your knicker drawer?

  9. You know that I love them. Please start selling them right away, I need some of those earrings!

  10. Love the jewelry, they are gorgeous...definitely put them in your shop! I am still enjoying the soaps that I purchased from you! xxoo :)

  11. I definitely like them! I love the all-silver the most (I'm a silver fan). Let us know when they're on Etsy! :)

  12. I LOVE your jewellery... it's a fab idea.

  13. Your jewelery is beautiful and very artistic! I just love your designs. Where are you going to plant the tree?

  14. Well, Gil, it's not my tree to plant, but as they took th etrouble to pot it, I presume they (the town council ) will replant it somewhere after Christmas.
    Thank you everyone for your encouraging comments!!

  15. what a great idea! i love sea glass :)


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