Sunday, December 12

A lazy, rainy sunday on the sofa with the fluffballs. Winter is here and their fur has quadrupled in thickness and length. Lily looks a bit like a cotton wool ball:
Tiger really does not want to be disturbed whilst displaying her pure white underside:
But how can we resist running our hands through that luxurious tail-fur? Lily is by now so used to being caressed and stroked that she sleeps through it all, undisturbed:
Tiger prefers to make herself as small as possible, she haughtily gets up and goes if you dare to disturb her dreams:
Hmmm, looking at this photo you wouldn't believe that this beautiful cat is actually as clumsy as an elephant, has a meow that sounds like a sheep bleating and scoffs down her food like a starving gannet...


  1. aww look at them! Everybody's posting about their cats, I want to have a cat too! :) Beautiful photos!

  2. Great pictures! Why do cats look so sweet when they are sleeping?

  3. Wow Charlie, I hadn't seen them since they were teeny tiny kittens and look at how gorgeous they are now. You must feed them good stuff ...

  4. I so miss our cats and this is the third fluffy cat blog post I have read today, so gorgeous :)


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