Tuesday, January 11

On the way home from school,as I drove along the coast road, the sun setting spectacularly behind us, Skye sat quietly and contemplated. Eventually she leaned over to turn the music down and ask me a question, which made me laugh out loud:

"Mummy? If someone had their ear cut off and, well, you know, went to hospital to get it sewed up and everything, but not have the ear put back on, well, if the person left the ear in one place and then went to another place would they be able to hear what was happening in the place where the ear was?"


  1. Such an inquisitive mind your daughter has!! So adorable!! xxoo

  2. Bless your daughter, she has such a curious and beautiful mind!

    I have a client who only has one ear, she was born that way. She used to have a prothesis on the other ear - fastened with a snap fastener, imagine that! - but now she just keeps her hair long enough to cover the side of her head. Tell Lila that!

  3. That is one interesting theory.

  4. I love it - makes perfect sense to me

  5. Lila is adorable.....and her question makes me chuckle. I love the way kids think.


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