Thursday, January 27

This made me smile the other day, on the Circumvesuviana, the train from Sorrento to Naples I saw this sign above a seat:
"Reserved for the mutilated or invalided from work or war."

So I take it if you're just old, heavily pregnant or even horribly mutilated from a non-work accident you just have to stand!


  1. classic! I love how it's translates so un-politically incorrect!I live near Salerno where there is a "Casa dei Mutilati" and get this (something like): "clinica di igenica mentale" - Mental Hygene Clinic. But you HAVE TO love when you see an ambulance and written near the back is "aria condizionata"... I mean, if you are in critical condition are you going to refuse medical attention in an ambulance if it's not air conditioned?
    (love the blog btw)

  2. Hi,
    I've also been amused by that Circumvesuviano sign for years. Yet to see a mutilated person board the train!

  3. I remember seeing those signs above bus seats always with healthy people in them though. I always wondered what would happen if someone said to them 'I'm mutilated. Can you please vacate the seat?'


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