Saturday, February 26

Finding Positano: book review

I have just spent the last day reading a new book I found by chance on Amazon. Imagine reading a novel that is based in the small town that you live in. A love story, based here in Positano that made me read faster than I wanted to, made me laugh, made me wonder and made me shout at it at certain points!

It was easy to read, the detail was good and the storyline was very fitting for lots of single women who travel here. There were a few points where I got frustrated and shouted at the book due to something that didn't exist (like the view of Mulini which you definately cannot see from the terrace of the Hotel Vittoria) or one phrase in Italian that was so wrong and surely could have been checked and corrected by someone, and the spelling of a name...Geno, surely should have been Gino?

All in all I admired the principal character's amazzing stamina when it came to drinking wine...four glasses before dinner and after a long flight? Wow!

The best thing of all is that the author (who I am not convinced is a man) has set up a website with a photo gallery of all the places mentioned in the book, so if you haven't been to visit Pos you can go online and check out where the action happened!

The book is only available to download for now for kindle devices (iphone/ipod included) or using a desktop app. Via Amazon


  1. Sounds interesting but the sloppiness re the spelling of "Geno" and the poor translation of common expressions I think would turn me off. I think it's also sloppy to state a particular view can be seen from such and such a place when it's not true. Wouldn't the author know that people who actually live in Pos are likely to read the book and pick up on these inaccuracies?

  2. So, she was here in August (the Madonna is out of her chapel) and other pictures mention ridiculous things, I have noticed, like "view from Stefano's house" which is shot from the road right by the elementary school entrance where A.L.L. tourists stop to take a pic.
    I don't think I'll read that book.

  3. I'll read it. Of course I will :) In fact, I just downloaded it! I am so weak :D

  4. Ms Capricorn and Dollyna: I agree, but didn't want to be too mean. This person has written a book, far more than I've managed to do. I know I wouldn't make those mistakes but I might make others.
    There were a lot of silly little errors that could have been corrected, but look at the films made here...Under the Tuscan Sun, where you can drive on the pier and the wrong way around town, Only You where they drive away from Pos instead of towards it, and on leaving the hotel to haed to the beach we see her coming down the famp from Fornillo.
    Poetic Licence!

  5. I admit I am unforgiving with this sort of thing, mostly because it's not set in a fictitious place. If it were fiction well then yes definitely poetic licence away. I think to respect the place and the people that live there, writers like this one have an obligation to do some basic research. Especially when they appear to be marketing the book based on the place it's set in! . . . . I'm sure the large majority of people who buy this book will buy it because of the "Pos" factor rather than anything else.

    Big fan of the blog by the way - especially the scratching of the Pos veneer.

  6. I am not sure if I would want to read this, but it might be that I will do so if I run out of ideas for The Italy In Books Challenge I am taking part in.

  7. You are all correct - there were some things that I took "poetic license" with. I needed to have readers fall in love with Positano before I had time to get Maggie through the town, so I made the view from the balcony look down over the town, even though it didn't. The story is based on trip that I took to Positano so I hope there was not much more that was incorrect. If you read it, I thank you - and I hope that you enjoyed beyond the few liberties that I took. To the person who maintains this website - please feel free to contact me at
    (BTW - some of the people that have read the novel have asked for a sequel - not sure that I should do that, but if I do - I could use some help, if you are interested.)


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