Monday, February 21

Prawns in the piazza

When you have the whole town to yourself you can do what you want.. Go fishing, catch prawns, cook them and take them into the square to share with friends. You can take up all the space on all the benches, drink wine and be rowdy if you like. You can invite whoever passes by to join you if you like and you can stay as long as you like.

You can even order ten pizzas and be sure of getting the best table with the best view. If the table is not big enough for ten pizzas you can overflow to the steps and take up as much room as you want to. It's winter and there's nobody around, the town is our to do what we want with!


  1. It is hard to live in paradise, when you feel the town only belongs to the residents in the winter time. Make the most of it spring is just around the corner :)

  2. Enjoy the quiet moments, they sound wonderful! xxoo :)

  3. That all sounds fantastic.. yes make the most of your wonderful surroundings without the hoards of tourists to bother yo :-)


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