Sunday, March 13

Carneval photos

Some photos from Carnevale:

A very calm carneval dog, happy to be covered with confetti and silly string:

The sound of drums echoed around the town all morning, before the parade even started. Thes guys played and played, even when I left at 7.30pm they were still playing:

This NASA float won the best float award. They even threw confetti with 'Apollo 11' printed on it.

The pasta boys, note the 'piccolino' at the back:

M&M boy, won the best costume:

Noahs ark came runner up with real rabbits and parrots on board the ark:

The party started in Piazza Mulini, after the parade, with a little performance from the kids:


  1. Thankyou for sharing your recent Carnevale posts, such fun but I wish this celebration fell at a warmer time of the year.

  2. That dog must be on drugs-great shot.

  3. How fun! The photo of the dog cracks me up.


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