Thursday, March 17

A walk around town on the 150th anniversary of Italian Unificaton:

St Patricks day was largely ignored here.


  1. Beautiful pictures!!!

    Will they be doing something for St. Joseph's Day?

  2. I like your pics. In honour of the 150th I went to the Italian Bakery!I went to Lamana Bakery to pick up something special for St. Patrick's day and also I had read about it being the 150th anniversary. A patron in front of me said "Are you celebrating Italy day?" and the owner of the bakery said "no". I said "it's Italy's 150 anniversary of unity or something like that!" and the nice Lady who was making my veal sandwiches and packing up my Arancini commented that it was the 154th anniversary. I didn't correct her but I said to the gentlemen cashing me out "It's the 150th!" He asked me if I wanted anything else and I said "yes please 4 brownies with the green shamrock on top!"

  3. Viva l’Italia! Long Live Italy


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