Monday, October 3

3 things

This post has absolutely nothing to do with Italy, and it is a very girly post but I thought I'd show you three things I love at the moment...and see if it gets me back into the swing of things! Let me know what you think...

1. This nail varnish, 'Jermyn Street' by Nails Inc was a free sample that came with UK Glamour magazine last December. At first I wasn't sure about the colour but now I absolutely love it. It's a lovely autumny colour and goes so well with all the greys and taupe colours that I tend to wear in winter. Even though it is still hot and sunny here, it is October, so I've just started using it again.

2. My party shoes! Totally impractical for Positano, I cannot walk down a slope in them unless I have someone very solid to hold onto. I am actually considering not keeping them in a box, they really should be on display somewhere for everyone to see! These shoes are still available to buy in Positano at Barocco, via Pasitea 94.

3. The Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette. I ran out of personal eyeshadows a while ago and had started using ones from my professional make up kit. Then I saw a few reviews on this palette and decided it was just what I needed for me and not my brides. I ordered it from HQHair in the UK.
The colours are all lovely, I don't have a favourite and I try out different looks and combinations every morning. I've actually given up sitting down to eat breakfast in the morning in favour of having a playaround with the palette . It would have been nice to have a couple more matt colours as there are only two, but this was such good value at £35 for 12 colours that I couldn't say no.
That's it for now. It is still beautifully warm and summery here, I've only got a few weeks of work left until the season is over and I can't wait to be free again!


  1. I love those shoes...and I couldn't party in them if my life depended on it.
    Have you heard of crackle finish nailpolish. It's big here, I'll send you a pic. Eyeshadow, don't know how to put it on really, so I just don't bother, mascara and eyeliner for me...lipstick too...

  2. I never thought of wearing that color polish, but you're right - it's just the shade for this time of year! The shoes are gorgeous - I could wear them (for a short time!) Good to see you back! xxoo :)

  3. omg those shoes!! LOVE!!!

    I have one eyeshadow from Silk Naturals that is a clone of one of the colors in the UD Naked palette.. it's the one called Stag which is a matte golden brown color - perfect for the crease, and just the right brown for me. I have been thinking about getting them all, maybe I should just get the original instead! I'm sure the colors are beautiful on you!

    So happy to see you writing again :) xxxx

  4. Oh, why don't you post pictures of your various eye looks? That would be so much fun, and very inspirational as well!

  5. I would love to post some eyeshadow looks or make up ideas, just wasn't sure anyone would be interested!
    Lucy , would you be tempted to try eyeshadow if I showed you some simple ways to use it?

  6. oh yes people are interested, makeup blogs are HUGE and if nothing else you can do it for me ;)

  7. lol...that would be one expensive lesson to fly over and learn! Just kidding of course show me the smokey eye look!!! I would love that! I'm going out to the pub on Friday!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. You have gorgeous hands.
    And of course they go along with your gorgeous body and face and hair.
    Count me in too for the pictures and tutorial!

    PS Time to pick this blog up to daily posts again.

  10. I can't really comment on the make up and shoes, though they do look nice to my untutored eye.

    Nice to see some blogging again!

  11. I have that palette as well! There's another palette out called Naked 2. It has more matte colors.,default,pd.html

    There's a makeup artist on YouTube that talks about it here:

    and shows the differences between the 2 palettes:

    Hope this helps!


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