Tuesday, January 10

San Domenico

Once the season finished and I had five empty months stretching out in front of me I had to find something to do while the weather was still good. I discovered Geocaching, a sort of treasure hunt played worldwide using a GPS, in my case my android phone.There are only a few caches hidden in this area, they are normally hidden in places of interest, or places with great views. This was the second one we found, in Praiano. I can't show you what we found or where exactly it was, but I can show you where the hunt took us:


  1. Oh it's so beautiful!!! I'd love to picnic there, I'd probably die of heart attack though trying to get up there!
    It's nice here in Toronto, ON as well, when we should be having buckets of snow but instead we have mild temperatures! Hope I haven't spoken too soon!

  2. Me again, I have just spent two hours looking at geocache sites in Toronto, Scarborough and Pickering...lol...and where I walk in the Guild Inn where all the statues are, where my wedding photos were taken, is a cache! Guess what I'm doing this weekend weather permitting. Solving a riddle I hope! Now back to work for me.

  3. Thanks for sharing! The video is so sharp and everything looks so beautiful.


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