Thursday, November 3

Taking a walk with 20 dogs

One Sunday morning in November I was asked to be the tail end of a group excursion to the beautiful nature reserve Valle delle Ferriere, above Amalfi. With 50 people and 20 dogs from the local dog club a guide was needed to lead the group and also one to tail the group and encourage the slow walkers to keep up.We drove in a convoy from Positano to Pontone where we gathered and surely annoyed the hell out of anyone who was trying to have a Sunday morning lie in:

Here we reached the first waterfall:

Some of the gothic remains of the old papermill factories hidden in the valley:
A moment of confusion, sorting dogs and people into two groups. Part of the Reserve is protected adn dogs are not allowed in so we divided into two groups, one waited behind with the dogs while the other group went on ahead, before swapping roles.

Two dogs show their characters!

Spectacular waterfalls in the hidden valley:

Has it really been so long that I've blogged that I can't get my photos and text to line up nicely anymore?

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