Sunday, October 28

moving house

  Cakes in a bar near Sorrento, last swim of October, view of sunrise from home,
going to a wedding, a trail of confetti, boxes so many boxes, new bedroom view, animal hats, pub break.

So finally I finished work! I had a few days to get everything in order, all the things that I hadn't been able to do for 6 months and go to a friends wedding, before I found myself on a plane flying to England.

How strange to arrive at a new house instead of the 'family home'. Walking in the door of a house that is full of mysteries but also full of familiar belongings as the furniture has already been installed. How fun that first exciting feeling, rushing around a new house, discovering new rooms, finding which bedroom is yours.

After settling in I immediately set to work. I found the cupboards full of boxes that hadn't been unpacked, a small attic through a secret door in a bedroom was crammed full of more boxes and upstairs I even discovered a sauna...packed full of towels and bedsheets. I have my work cut out for the next week.

After a few hours I had found 7 hairdryers, a mystery hockey stick and 3 cupboards full of jam. I felt quite overwhelmed at the task I had ahead of me. So I stopped and went for a pub lunch.

Will she ever empty all the boxes?
Will she ever use the sauna?
Will she ever convince her father to stop making jam?


  1. Why stop making jam? Bring some back here for your family and let him do more.
    Enjoy the UK!!!

  2. Your dad must make a lot of jam , yep you should take some back to Italy with you :-)... You certainly have packed lots in Nicki.

    I wonder how you felt when you went to your Dad's new home .. how great to still have your own room. I have not had "an own" room for years and years.. I don't even go to my mum's and stay as there is not enough room for all of us to stay .. (she did have her own house years ago) but she remarried and went to stepfathers place ..

  3. Haha. Nice post. I recently moved into a new apartment and was delighted to discover built in bookshelves and hidden belt hooks inside the master bedroom closet. Mysteries of a new place indeed.
    I admire your go-getter attitude, and your ability to take a pub break when you need one.


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