Tuesday, November 13

A walk to Amalfi

It's almost mid November but it's sunny and warm with deep blue skies so let's go for a walk towards Amalfi! We drive to the Amalfi/Agerola crossroads, park the car and take the old stairs found on the right side of the cemetary there. This is part of the original pathway that rn along the Coast before the road was built.
The beginning of the pathway/we immediately find new fluffy friends/the view of Amalfi as we turn a corner.
Looking over the railing to the sea below/we came across a little piazza with a big shady tree/a welcoming house we walked past.
Getting closer to the town/taking photos of everything!an old archway frames Amalfi.
Hmm, where do these step lead to?/red bougainvilla and the blue blue sea/which way shall we go now?. So we followed the pathway until it brought us back down to the main street just at the edge of Amalfi town. From there we walked back along the road towards the car, just in time to go and find somewhere for lunch. I recommend the Sorelle Rispoli in Agerola, huge main courses were just €5!


  1. As I sit in my office looking out at the beautiful cityscape of NYC, I still find I am incredibly envious of all this! My husband and I cannot wait to visit this region of Italy. Tuscany was beautiful but the SEA is calling :)


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