Tuesday, November 6


I keep posting on the wrong blog..this post should be here!

As we drove down the street to Dads new UK house which I hadn't seen before I looked around and smiled. It was pure English countryside. Wide grassy green verges, no pavements to be seen. Little village greens with old country pubs and chocolate box cottages with roses trailing up the windows.

The house itself was lovely, bigger than I expected and it wasn't as chaotic as I expected....until I opened a wardrobe. There was no room for any of my clothes, it was crammed full of boxes form the move. My job had started! I spent the next 2 days opening boxes, finding homes for things, discovering items that I hadn't seen for years (including a pair of Diesel shoes that I didn't even know I had anymore) and often opening boxes just to immediately close them again..I knew we had a lot of photos, but there were so many boxes full and nowhere to put them so I moved them all into the attic.

I found seven hairdryers, a hockey stick (I played lacrosse) and discovered a small sauna that Dad had filled with towels and bedsheets. Some things I was looking for have still not been found (everyones wellies, my saxaphone and some bathroom essentials that I just had to go and buy again).
Friends from Sweden on the train to London/ Sitting at the top of Box Hill in Dorking/ Tudor sunlight in the village of Shere.
Crayfish and rocket sandwich sitting by the Thames/hats with ears in M&S/raindrops on roses.
New bedroom window view/so many boxes to unpack/ walking to the pub for a lunchbreak.

Nine days flew by. Unpacking boxes, welcoming friends and showing them London and the countryside and searching for a small apartment to buy in South West London. It wasn't really enough time so I'll be going again soon, but for now I'm back in Positano with a fridge full of M&S goodies and  fresh hot cross buns for breakfast for a few more days!

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