Monday, November 19

Roscigno Vecchia

Isn't there something special about ghost towns? Whole villages abandoned and left empty to slowly crumble and let nature take over again. There's one that I've been waiting to visit for ages and this weekend we finally made the 2 hour drive south from Positano to Roscigno Vecchia.

Roscigno was abandoned in the early 20th Century due to fears of landslides from heavy rainfalls. The residents set up in a new town just about a mile down the road and the old town has been totally abandoned ever since.

I thought there would be quite a few tourists milling around a probably a car park to use just before the village, but no. We drove right into the very empty town square and realized that there was nobody else there at all. We parked neatly in front of a small house opposite the church and got out the car.
It was only then that I saw him. Sitting on a stone bench outside one of the houses was an old bearded man with a red jacket and a pipe in his hand.
"Ahh, that must be 'O Spagnolo, the custodian of the town, I'll go sit with him!" And off Carlo went, happy to have found someone to while away some time with.
Giuseppe was very friendly and happy to have visitors. I left them there and went off to explore. Would you like to see some of the village?

It was gone 2pm so I went back to find the others and we had lunch. Sandwiches with crusty Italian bread stuffed with salami, formaggio piccante and melanzane sott'olio. It was while we were eating that the cats started appearing. Soon we were surrounded and as somebody fed them bits of her lunch she was followed around by a small herd for the rest of the day.

After lunch Giuseppe was revived and took us on a tour. He showed us inside a couple of the houses..he lives wherever he fancies it seems, but wouldn't you if you had the whole town to yourself?

He was such a lovely character it was hard and a bit sad to leave him there all alone. But it was getting dark and we had a long drive home. But we had noticed that the road through the square obviosly went somewhere as evey now and then someone drove through. S we said goodbye to Giuseppe, waving from the car an he contentedly puffed on his pipe.


  1. Where did everyone go? Are people allowed to buy the houses?

  2. They all moved just a mile down the road and built a new village.Nothings for sale, it's just THERE.

  3. this looks like thos villages in the book perfect!

  4. Ohmygoodness! I just loved this blog entry and those pictures are lovely! A ghost town in Italy, and what beautiful homes they are! Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. I love the way you wrote this post! When A. and I were living in Italy some of our most memorable outings were those in the middle of nowhere (our favorite was Bomarzo and the Parco dei Mostri). Bookmarking this post to add to my "visit" list!


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