Monday, November 26

Salerno Christmas lights

Ever year the city of Salerno has a spectacular Christmas light display. And every year we say we are going to go and see it...and then never quite make it.
You know when you live in a place and then get really lazy and never go see any of the nearby sights? Yes, well. that's me. The person who has lived in Italy for almost 15 years and never been to Venice, Milan, Le Cinque Terre etc. So since I finished my job it's been all about making an effort.

So the lights of Salerno were top of the list.  We made it there last weekend and it was well worth the effort. The Corso (main shopping street) was beautiful with stars and snowballs mingling with the palm trees.
We wandered along, window shopping and stopping to watch a group of break dancers do their thing in the street. It was so busy, so festive and hard to believe we were only an hours rive away from home. I realised I hadn't been to Salerno since we went to Paestum 5 years ago.

The road that runs along the seafront was lit up with fairy lights in all the trees, very simple but always effective.
As we walked into the old town quarters the lights became more exotic. They looked like shining jewels strung up above the narrow alleyways.
We wandered through the old streets, stopping for an ice cream, which is totally acceptable behavior at 7pm on a Saturday evening before dinner.
It was all very festive and magical until suddenly there was a power cut and everything went dark. We waited a while but nothing happened so we worked our way back through the crowds into the main street where electricity still ruled.
Eventually we headed back to the car ready for the drive along the coast road back to Positano. Just as we were about to drive out of the town we came across a very special place. We thought we had seen the lights, but here near the sea front was a gated park full,just full of lights....We did a u-turn, parked the car again and went to visit the magical gardens.
The trees were glowing with decorations, lit up butterflies, treble clefs and musical notes. The grass was dotted with magical flowers and plants. I felt like I was in Willy Wonka Land, just not the edible version.
The three of us split up, each running around in awe. You see, we could have been sitting on the sofa at home, as often happens on a Saturday evening when you get too comfortable with life. But instead, we had discovered a magical place that brought out the child in us. It cost us nothing, only the petrol to get there and it was fun!
There and then we made a new rule. We were going to do MORE with our time. We would take more time off to visit new places, near and far. If we had a day free we would GO SOMEWHERE. If we heard of an event that sounded interesting we would GET UP AND GO rather than just talk about it and settle deeper into the sofa.
Finally we arrived home, happy, hungry and tired. The next day it was forecast rain, non stop. But you know what? We didn't let it stop us. We got up, packed some umbrellas and went to Pompeii to explore the excavations. And guess what? It didn't rain a drop all day!


  1. I was there on Saturday night too! I wished there was more of a Christmas theme though....

  2. Wow - what a magical evening! I love all the Christmas lighting, so beautiful! I agree with you - life is short and we must enjoy every second of it! xxoo

  3. I love Christmas beautiful!
    Your right, it's better to get up and go do something then waste your days sitting on a couch in front of a tele or computer! How was Pompeii?

  4. ***LOVE***

    How odd to see Salerno looking like that. How different, and how wonderful. I want to visit too!!

  5. Thanks for posting! Salerno looks better than ever. Wish I could return there.

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