Wednesday, December 19

Spitalfields & Southbank

In England for the holidays and we made a pact that we wouldn't be lazy. We would go places we'd never been and explore and have fun. We would not get put off by the weather or the cold or the warm cosy house. We arrived on Saturday, did some essential Christmas shopping on Sunday and then on Monday we decided to start exploring. First stop Spitalfields Market in E1:
1.There was so many places to eat, almost more eateries than market stalls! 2.We settled for burgers with sweet potato fries and iced pomegranate tea. 3. "Please wait here until you are useful, thank you". Hmmm might be a looong wait!

1.The streets around Spitalfields are a curious mix of incredibly modern and untouched Victorian. 2. There was also a lot of street art heading towards Brick Lane. 3. Back in the centre of town we stopped off at Covent Garden to watch the street performers free shows.
1. After a long restful break in one of those coffeeshops with big comfy sofas we set off on foot across the river to walk through the Christmas market at Southbank. 2. Pretty tree. 3. The London Eye and Big Ben in the background.

So we visited 3 markets in one day.
We bought: A melted beer bottle clock and a pair of baby booties in Spitalfields, a box of Laduree macarons, a bag of pick n mix sweets and 2 red velvet cupcakes in Covent Garden and 2 strings of flower fairy lights at Southbank.

The last 2 days have been dedicated to house hunting, viewings and planning more adventures for the days to come, whilst nursing one small intrepid explorer who has been knocked sideways by a throat infection. The funniest thing is that she has actually lost her voice TOTALLY and cannot even squeak at us! Absolute bliss, the silence but then one look at her sad flushed face and glassy eyes and we wish she would get better ASAP.

Next up...Things I've bought just before Christmas that are not for Christmas...

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