Thursday, December 27

Winter Wonderland

A trip to London at Christmas time isn't complete without a visit to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Essentially a huge funfair mixed up with a Christmas market it is free to walk around but oh boy do you pay if you want to eat , drink or go on a ride!
But the atmosphere is great, you can't get more Christmassy than this (unless it was snowing).
 Skye had never been to a funfair before so I felt it was my duty to let her try all the classic rides that I remembered from when I was little: the Helter Skelter, the ghost train, the Fun House.
We ate hot dogs, potato pancakes with garlic dip, roast pork and apple panini, drank german beer, mulled wine and rode the roller coaster and screamed...
 It got darker and the lights came on. It was cold and very very busy. We came across one last ride that we just had to go on:
After a short queue we were suddenly flying on a swing, high above the streets of London. We could see for miles! It was cold, scary and thankfully quite quick. Before we knew it we were on coming in to land and sent safely on our way.

Christmas has been and gone again, I hope you all had a lovely time. Tomorrow we're taking a little road trip for a few days, let's hope England stops flooding!


  1. That sounds like a fabulous time- take loads of photos on the road trip!

  2. This explains why I haven't seen you in the Positano sunshine. I will b e in London a lot in the next three years. It will be easier to meet you there!


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