Friday, January 4

road trip 2

In the morning we all met in the kitchen and decided on eggy bread with maple syrup for breakfast.
Oh, let me explain something...when I was pregnant I didn't tell my friends back in England. I wanted to surprise them with a baby the next time I saw them. But a few days after Skye was born my friend R phoned me to tell me he had just had a baby girl so I gave in and told him that I had just had one too...1born 10 days later than his. Imagine our looks of surprise when we realised that we had both called our girls 'Skye"!
The two Skyes first met when they were 3 and were very happy to know each other, holding hands and skipping away together at any opportunity. This time around they hadn't seen each other for 4 years so we weren't sure of they would get on well or not..Well, it was as if they hadn't forgotten a thing. They were ecstatic to be together again and we all noticed a certain 'Skyeness' about them.

We took them for a long walk to explore the Cornish countryside with a little sister in tow. The tide was out so we did a lot of walking in riverbeds, a lot of wading through streams:

We stayed with our friends for the rest of the day before heading off to Penzance where we based ourselves for the next 2 days and were joined by my brother and friend for New Year...

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  1. Wow Nicki, two amazements, the first you didn't tell your friends you were having a baby, and then two Skyes, LOL it is an unusual name or it was back then ,,xx


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