Saturday, January 5

road trip 3 (Artist Residence review)

We lucked out bigtime!!!! I booked a random hotel online about 5 weeks beforehand and didn't really think about it anymore. I just wanted to be sure that we had a room to stay in over New Year, somewhere in Cornwall and this turned out to be the BEST hotel I have ever stayed in!. The Artist Residence was small, on one of the most popular streets in Penzance and every room has been individually designed by a different artist. We had Mat's room:
There was the most comfortable double bed we have ever slept in...there was a gold sofa(bed) with scrabble cushions that spelt out 'hello'.
There was funky artwork and a coffee table with interesting books on it, there was a Smeg fridge and a kettle, mugs, tea, chocolate, coffee and a proper hairdryer, and there was a staircase....
In our room! A staircase! It led up to a little mezzanine floor where there was another extremely comfortable double bed AND a single bed too! We were ready to move in forever!
The dining room was just as cool:
Mel was in charge and was hands down the most amazingly kind, friendly and happy person that we have had the pleasure to meet. She went out of her way to look up events and places to eat for New Years Eve, without me even asking. She made the most amazing cappuccinos, even the Italian was highly impressed.
If you ever go to Penzance you must promise me that you will stay here!

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