Saturday, January 5

Road Trip 3 New Years Eve

We met up around 11am and all squished together in my brothers car. Obviously it was raining but that wasn't going to stop us. We were heading for Lands End, the most South Westerly point of England. But before we arrived my brother saw a sign for the Minack Theatre and said we just haid to go and visit it. I had no idea what it was but am so glad we found it!
In 1932 a lady named Rowena Wade offered the use of her garden to the local village theatre group for their summer production. Together with her gardener she started building a small stage on a terrace and some seating, hauling materials up from the beach with their bare hands.
The show was such a success that Rowena decided to keep on building the thatre to improve it adn add more seating. She decorated all the cement work by drawing patterns in it with a screwdriver before it set.
And the names of the plays that were performed there were written on the seat backs as the theatre extended.
Can you imagine how amazing it must be in the summer there, watching 'A Midsummer Nights Dream at sunset or by moonlight?
Finally on the last day of the year we arrived at the First and Last house in England.  And finally it stopped raining!
We drove around the coast to St Ives, a beautiful fishing village which is possibly the closest thing England has to Positano (but with better beaches!) It was busy as there is a huge fancy dress party in St Ives in the evening of New Years Eve.
We bought some of these Cornish Pasties, they were HUGE! We all only managed half each. Traditional pasties were half filled with meat, potatoes, carrot and swede and the other half filled with jam. Then they were thrown down the mineshafts for the Cornish tin miners at luchtime. (These were savoury, no jam!)
Lots of blackboards:
Narrow cobbled street:
Colourful courtyard:
Walking back up to the carpark at the top of the town:
Fishing boats righting themselves as the tide comes in:

We drove back via Mousehole and found the harbour all lit up with Christmas lights, a tradition that they do every year:
We waled around the beach, along the alleyways until we were tired out. We were planning to go back to St Ives t see the fancy dress later in the evening but...
We were very lazy and so comfortable in our hotel room that we decided to stay in...especially as it started raining again as we were putting our coats back on around 1030pm!

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  1. adding this to my list of places I want to visit :)


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