Sunday, January 6

road trip 4

New Years Day 2013! My brother had to head back to London so we said goodbye and decided to drive over to Newquay, surf capital of Cornwall and maybe even the whole of the UK...Except for some reason when we arrived there were no surfers to be seen on any of the beaches. Maybe because it was so windy?
We walked along the seafront and down onto a sandy beach with a few little caves , very handy for having a quick wee as the public bathrooms were closed for winter! TMI? Sorry...
Lots of stripey rocks with holes in:
So anyway we ended up having a blazing row on the way to Newquay about whether life would be better if we upped and moved to Cornwall (my idea) or if we stayed put in Positano (his idea). Stalemate was declared and we decided it was best not to mention it back to Positano it will be...for now!
To avoid arguing again I thought is would be best to be with some other people so wee arranged to meet some more friends on Bigbury Beach in Devon. We arrived just before sunset and the kids set off to explore the caves:
 I finally spotted a few surfers...(Just wanted to prove to Carlo that us English don't let a bit of cold water stop us from having fun).
 We all go into a cave to see if there really is a skeleton after the kids came running out screaming their heads off. There wasn't.
 Rock climbing..
 Don't you just love walking along a beachfront at sunset?
 When the sun went down it suddenly felt cold so we headed back to the cafe in the car park for hot chips and tofu burgers. We were invited to dinner at an Indian restaurant but Carlos look of horror quickly stopped that plan. (I have yet to find an Italian who will willingly eat Indian food). So we said goodbye and headed on our way..


  1. Hi Nicki, great shots of the rocks etc and the sunset, .. it is a good job you did not go into Newquay (maybe you did) . I have not been there for about 15 years but heard that it has changed so much. Not my choice of a place to visit .. Shame you couldn't of gone to Port Isaac , beautiful village.

    Funny about the Indian meal .. I have to be jollied into having one too.

    I hope that you have o more argueing :-)

  2. I love it all. thanks for the pics! I love Indian Food Yum. Has he tried it at least? I finally have Marina trying new foods as well as Todd. They've tried the samosas but that's about it. Are the pastie's you eat the same thing as Samosas?


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