Monday, January 7

road trip 5

After leaving Bigbury beach in Devon we drove up to Weymouth and stopped for the night. I called my uncle to let him know we wouldn't be passing by again and he gave us a few ideas of what to do the next day. So first thing in the morning we drove over to Portland:
Portland is an island, but connected to the mainland by a huge sandy beach. A lot of London (and other cities ) were build using Portland Stone and it was one of the old quarries that we were heading for.
This old quarry at teh top of the island is now used by artists who want to practise sculpturing. The more you walk around and look, more faces, animals and carvings appear in the rocks around you.

This was the view from the  top:

Then we drove to West Lulworth to see part of Dorsets Jurassic Coast. Durdle Door is a huge arch in a cliff by the beach (where Nanny Mcphee took the kids for a picnic in the first film). As it had rained so much lately the steps down to the beach had been completely washed away in a landslide so we could only walk along the clifftops.

We walked along for a while until we came to that really steep bit in the photo above and decided to cut through a field and back to the car. We were very amused to learn that the field we were in was called 'Scratchy Bottom.

And with that we were almost done. We stopped off in Lulworth Cove, a perfectly round natural harbour where we found a pub with the best food ever, stuffed ourselves silly and drove back home. My conclusion is: I'm glad that a few months ago we decided to GET UP AND DO THINGS rather than be lazy at home. So far we've done loads of fun stuff, met up with friends and relatives we wouldn't have seen otherwise and now we're actually talking about the possibility of getting a VW campervan!


  1. Wow Nicki,thanks for sharing this. You have shown me places that I never knew existed .. I have never been to Weymouth ..either.. not done much in England at all , to be honest .

    The sculpture area is absolutely fabulous ,, they are just brilliant , lots of hard work , put it.

    If I ever go down to that area I must ask you for some tips :-0

  2. Bellisima...loved it...especially saying "no" to dancing to you know who!
    The last pic is beautiful! I wonder do you think you'd ever travel over here to Canada? Doors open!

  3. Love the stone quarry, and scratchy bottom hahaha! We've also talked about getting a campervan, it's a shame they're so expensive, but oh the freedom!

  4. Sounds like you've been having a fun time! I've loved all of your road trip photos and stories! A VW campervan would be fabulous! xxoo


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