Thursday, February 28

Meeting the neighbours

As we walked down to the house (we need to come up with a name, I don't like calling it 'the house') some of the neighbours appeared to say hello. Skye was delighted and spent the next few hours trying to creep up as close as possible to them.
I present to you the official Living Room BEFORE Photo. Please notice the fireplace in the corner...
Which now doesn't exist anymore... Please don't be disheartened by the copious amount of dark wooden items in the above photo. Think of the POTENTIAL!  I will be doing something about it!
We took a break outside and made a village idiot seesaw, which consisted of a plank of wood, 2 bricks and a gas canister. Not the brightest of ideas. Oh, and this is part of the terrace out front. I think it will scrub up nicely with some fairy lights, plants and some swish garden furniture, don't you?
After sandwiches on the terrace I got the hint that Important Mens Work was taking place, there was nothing that I could do to help, the sanding that I had been doing would have to wait as I would be in the way and us females would be better off finding something else to do. We did sneak in to watch a bit of sparkly welding but were told off and sent away again, so we had a little wander down the path to see if there were any more interesting neighbors and came across this friendly couple, out for a walk together.

We sat here for a while, absorbing the sun, surrounded by olive trees and not another human in sight.  So peaceful and pleasant on the eye. I think I can live with this.


  1. Castello di Bella Vista or Casetta Bella Vista!
    Casa di tranquilitta

  2. Hello,
    I am an Australian living in a town near Pompei. I miss living close to the ocean and your photos of Positano always remind me of how close I actually am to the coast! Good luck with your renovations, the house looks great and you'll definitely keep fit...I've been renovating our old house in the town centre for the past six years(at a snail's pace) Yesterday we finally ordered our new windows!
    Ciao Elke (ps My daughter's name is Stella SKYE!)

  3. what a beautiful house! I vote for Llamas End, but then they are all pretty catchy soI don't think you can go wrong!

  4. so far i like llamas end! but whatever you pick will be wonderful :)

  5. Llamas end. Love the view! Can't wait to visit. ;-)

  6. gorgeous, and YES, so much potential. How lovely to be shaping a home around your family! so many times we shape ourselves around our space.


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