Wednesday, February 20

Moving house in Positano

So after 12 years of renting in the centre of town we have decided to stop throwing our money away in a black hole and move house. It is something we have talked about FOREVER, but we've never been sure whether we could commit to it.

Let me explain:

Carlo actually has his own house. It has been mostly unused for the last few years and needs some work done inside....nothing we can't handle.
The drawback? The reason it has been empty for so long?
That would be the 465 steps down from the road to the house.
Yes, I said four hundred and sixty five steps....

The house (which Carlo and his family built with their own hands) is set down in a valley in the mountainside above Positano. It takes 6 minutes to walk down to the house and 10 minutes to get up to the you walk up you feel like you are dying until about a 3rd of the way when you get your second wind. We never though we would want the hassle of the steps.

But, for some reason we have changed our minds... Maybe we were inspired by the friends we visited in Cornwall, living in a remote farmhouse 15 minutes drive from anywhere. Or the friends building a log cabin  in a field. Maybe we were inspired by other friends who left Italy to buy and renovate a house and vineyard on the other side of the world. It doesn't really matter how we were inspired but suddenly it is all we want to do.

It will be ours...we can do what we want to it and I've been given carte blanche to decorate however I want! We're starting with the biggies of course. The other day we went there to look around, it was only about 7˚c outside but it was even less inside and we ended up sitting outside to eat lunch. So we're installing a heating system, a hydro pellet stove....which weighs about 200 kilos, so just imagine getting that down 465 steps!

So I'm going to blog my way through our adventures as we try and make our dream home in a valley above the sea. I'll probably ask for opinions every now and then...I hope you enjoy the ride!

This is the view from the house (on a rainy day):


  1. I cannot believe that all this time Carlo has had a house waiting to be renovated and used .. how amzing .. Yes I do totally understand about the steps .. I remember being in Argegno ,lake como on holiday and we had this sort of walk down to the shops .. thought I would never make it back up .. but looked around , and each time I saw an older lady doing it I thought .. come on you to do it :-) .. Well done on this decision , how amazing ... will be great ... I could not live out in the middle of nowhere in Cornwall .. but lots of people do.

  2. Great way to keep in shape!!! What a view Nicki, Congratulations to you and Carlo!
    I can't wait to see the finished house. Good luck buona fortuna!

  3. it sounds wonderful! i really look forward to hearing about the adventure of moving in :)

  4. OH MY GOD!!! HOW EXCITING! !!! Just think, you won't have to go to the gym anymore ;) Im absolutely thrilled for you!!! Please please please send lots of photos and videos! !!

  5. What an exciting new adventure for you! Beautiful view too.


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