Monday, February 25

The first voyages

So we've got a lot of work to do. And a lot of steps to negotiate. Today we actually BEGAN doing something. Our pellet stove arrived  and had to be taken down to the house. I'll show you how it got there in a bit. First of all I'll show you the steps:

The first part is quite residential but there's a lovely view of the sea every now and then.

 Then you turn a corner and come into olive grove land. Sometimes there are sheep grazing on the grass and little dogs that accompany you down a few more steps. Eventually you get to the house and I still can't get over how much space it has! Highly appreciated after 12 years without even a balcony, let alone surround-sound gardens and a terrace for entertaining!

The gardens grow every type of fruit and vegetable possible in this corner of the world, tended to lovingly by BIL and FIL. And we're allowed to help ourselves!! In the winter there are oranges, lemons, broccoli of every type, cauliflower, potatos, lettuces, fennel...and that's just what I've noticed looking around..

Anyway, back to business. This little contraption below is called a carrello. It will be our best friend on these journeys up and down the steps as it can take very heavy loads and climb steps with them. There is a lot of stuff to bring down to the house: building materials, paint, tools, wood, iron beams etc, but there is also a lot (way more than you can imagine) of stuff that needs to be taken away from the house: old washing machine parts, broken furniture, dead fridge, old toys and clothes, general other people stuff.

Here is the carrello fully loaded:  All stuff to throw away. I went up ahead loaded with an old baby walker and a very ancient travel cot. I came back down with some big metal tubes...I have no idea what they are for, but hey, I'm just the pack horse.

As I write this (back down in our current home) Carlo is taking a sledgehammer to the old fireplace, knocking it down and no doubt making a lot of rubble...which, oh dear, will probably have to go up too.

Of course we're very excited and want to do it all NOW and AT ONCE and SUBITO and move in  (and stop paying rent) but it's going to take a while and we'll have to tackle things one at a time and in the right order. I'm straining at the bit to give everything a lick of paint but will have to be patient for now.

You want to see the house don't you? Ok, just from outside for now. It's all a bit sad and wintery looking at the moment, but I've seen it in the summer and it is alive with flowers and very pretty.
We're the ground floor, BIL owns the second level but doesn't live there.


  1. Looks wonderful! I'm excited for you and looking forward to reading and seeing more about the house.

  2. I love reading this sort of post -- it's all so exciting to move into a new place, getting it ready and making it your own. It may be winter but I can see how fabulous it will be later. Good luck with all the work -- you won't need to go to the gym for a while!

  3. Oh, so that's how it's done! Don't forget to take 'before' photos in the house, one forgets so quickly what it used to look like!

  4. I can certainly feel it in my legs today...although I did spend an hur in the gym before I turned into a mule!
    Of course I've taken before photos! It would be great to do a big 'ta-da!' post and keep them secret til the end but I won't....I'll share it as we go along.

    I'm just worried that when I post the before pics you'll go'oooh, that looks crap' and loose interest, but don't we're going to transfprm the place!

  5. Fantastic that you have started .. so that is how they do it .. fascinating .. I love the look of the house already , ,, looking forward to seeing all the step by steps .. :-)


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