Wednesday, March 20


I couldn't resist painting something so I sneaked the 6  dark wood dining chairs up to an empty room and started transforming them. I used Annie Sloans chalk paint which requires no sanding or priming. Now, this concept is very against what the Italian men have been taught about painting and I tried to argue it with them, promising it would work but up until now they don't believe that the paint will stick. All I can say is that I have faith in the numerous reviews I read about this paint and I hope it bloody well sticks or I'm going to have a lot of work to do to remedy the situation...
because I got slightly carried away... I've always wanted different coloured dining chairs and ended up mixing various shades and applying them to each chair. I've done 5 and run out of paint (I only had 2 colour tester pots and one litre of 'old white', so now am waiting for a shipment which has proved complicated as the only supplier in Italy has nothing in stock and is outrageously overpriced so it worked out cheaper to get them sent from the UK.
Meanwhile, a certain young lady found her way up to what will be her sleeping platform/ mezzanine bedroom and with a carpenters pencil proceeded to map out where EVERYTHING will be going. I know it's hard to see, but that's her in her bed, cat on the other pillow, slippers on rug at side of bed and bedside table with lamp and phone charging, all life sized on the floor!
On my way back down into town today I finally spotted the first signs of spring....Then it started raining again.

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  1. Chairs look fab.. We have a gift shop in our small town, sort of shabby chic/french style gifts and furniture and they are stockists of Annie Sloan paints, she is always selling out .


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