Sunday, March 24


Every year for Easter each delicatessen and bar in town sells Easter Egg Raffle Tickets. Now, I don't know how many people actually buy tickets for these raffles, it must be quite a lot, but the weird thing is that Nonna wins eggs every year without fail. You would think it was fixed, but it's not, it's just pure chance. So this morning I got a call from Nonna asking if I could stop at the bar on my way up before lunch to pick up the egg that she had one, and then to stop at the deli to pick up the other. "No problem!" I said, not realising that the smaller egg was 5 kilos and the bigger one was 10 kilos of chocolate...I can carry 15 kilos, but not when it is giant egg shaped, so I called for reinforcements. So, I guess that means there's no need to buy any more Easter Eggs this year. By the way, there was also a 30 kilo Easter Egg in the deli which someone else (thank God) had won. You could have easily hidden 4 children inside it!

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