Monday, March 11

Pietro rabbits garden

Not much to report yet. We're still in the stage of knocking holes in walls, doing things with steel rods, making lots of mess and making major decisions about where things will go. I was sent off to the hardware store today with a long list of odd things: various paints and primers, 5 metres of sandpaper, 40 metres of nautical rope (all will be explained) and I quote "enough lana-roccia (rock-wool which I presume is what we call insulation) to insulate a fireplace.
 Me, lugging all the paint and lunch down the steps.

So of course I ended up having one of those impossibly stupid conversations in the hardware store that went a bit like this:

'Hello, I need some rock wool to insulate a fireplace please.'
"OK, we've got that, how much do you need?"
'Er, enough to insulate a fireplace?'
"Oh...well...I don't know how much that would be..."
'Well, nor do I! If I could just borrow your phone, you see I've left mine at home, I could call and ask how much they need...please?'
"The phone? Well, if you're calling a landline yes, but not if you want to call a mobile phone..."
'Oh, well, there's no landline to call, can't we just guess how much rock wool is needed to insulate a fireplace"
"No, you better come back another time."

I finally found a phone and called Carlo:
'How much rock wool do you need?'
"Enough to insulate a fireplace."
'No, that's not good enough, they need a measurement!'
"Well, I don't know , can't they guess?'
'No, they can't! Can't you guess?'
"No I can't, oh just forget about it , I'll go and get it myself.'

So I wisely shut my mouth and went off to do something else.

I climbed up onto the roof (as you do) and took a photo of the back garden. The weather has been awful lately, very foggy for the last few days so excuse the greyness. But look at all that space! Can you see the cabbages all lined up in a row?
Suddenly I felt very Beatrix Pottery and went to have a closer look at what was growing: I found cabbages, loads of lemons, broccoli, fennel, lettuces of various types, round things that I can't identify, potatoes and fava beans, onions and oranges. Wow!
Back to the house. I know I've been very mean and not shown many before photos So here is/was the kitchen:
I can't wait to get the paintbrushes out, but I'm not allowed until the messy dust-creating work has been finished. The sewing tables have already gone, I've started sanding the cupboards down but now it's all under dust sheets so I'll have to wait a while.
So that's the old kitchen, can you see the potential?


  1. Wow that garden is wonderful and that kitchen has tons of fabulous potential - cant wit to see more of your projects!

  2. wow...loads of potentional do you think Carlos can put in a pizza oven? :)I'd love one in my house!

  3. That kitchen is going to be fantastic, and the GARDEN!

    Fwiw, Rockwool is a Swedish brand of insulation (among other things), although I suspect the word has become synonym for all sorts of insulation. For the future, may I suggest that you bring measurements to the hardware store? ;) Fireplaces come in many sizes.. just like walls and floors do. "Enough paint to paint a wall" is quite vague. ;D

  4. I know it's vague, but isnt that just so typical of here! I was sent to the store with those instructions, I presumed it was normal!

    We wont get a pizza oven, you need to be really organised for that...but I'm definitely getting a bbq, have missed them soo much in the last 15 years!

  5. Very funny,definitely typically vague - I always feel that there is a lot of talking going on and little being said!
    Yes, one cannot live without a BBQ especially with a great outdoor area like your house has.

  6. Congratulations on your new house. It looks so beautiful and modern compared to places I've seen in Italy. I love the garden! After reading about how many steps you have to climb all I could think of was my trip to Museo di Capodimonte in Naples. My wife and daughter walked there from Joly Ambassador on via Medina. A few hours later I took a cab to meet them. The walk down was enough for me! Best of luck to you and your family!!!


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