Sunday, March 17

steel beams

Everyone has to pull their weight carrying stuff up and down the steps!

The serious work is well under way. As the house has only one bedroom we needed to create another, or at least a place for Skye to sleep ad have her own space. Luckily the ceilings are fairly high so we decided to make a mezzanine level above the living area. Here we are putting up the first steel beams:
Can you see that strange area behind me? We'll come back to that!

The support beams were up and soldered in a day. I was surprised how quickly we got it done. We had spent a couple of weeks planning, measuring and deciding where to put the platform and how to get up to it (and back down without falling off ladders or steep steps.)
Finally the beams were covered by large sheets of wood on top and underneath, then with a layer of stucco. I measured six equal points on the new lower ceiling where we will put light fittings. Obviously that huge hanging lamp will go!
Peppe came along to start sanding down the doors ready to be painted and I got stuck into sanding all the kitchen cupboards. I hate sanding. But I must admit, there is nothing better than a hot shower after a day of sanding and being so covered in dust that you turn grey!
Last night we installed the staircase. Unfortunately the carpenter made a mistake and made it one step too short (as you can see in the photo) so there was a lot of swearing while Carlo figured out how to attach it to the top of the platform and add an extra step. By 2130pm though we had a fully functioning safe staircase!
It went down to 3˚c in the valley last night. So cold for mid March in south Italy! I really hope the heating will work as promised. It should be installed sometime this week.
So, that funny area behind me in the second photo? There is a door in the living room, just at the bottom of the new staircase that leads to nowhere...or as I prefer to call it 'the cave'. I think that originally there were plans for another room there which never happened, so it was left like this. AND...the other day Carlo found a little bat hanging from the ceiling...So, we have our very own BAT CAVE in our house, which I think is hysterical. I can't wait to do house tours..."here's the kitchen, living room, Skyes room , and the bat cave!"
First signs of spring? I hope so!

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  1. Good to see people making progress on their home projects like you are. Funny thing my son had the same sign of Spring in his yard here in Connecticut yesterday!


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