Tuesday, April 30

Moving house in Positano

So we've done it...we've moved into the new house!

The porters arrived the other day at about 0715am and took our bed and the sofa...they had to practically tip me out of bed as I was still in it.

Although the work on the house is not quite finished yet, we decided to start living in just one place rather than divided between 2 which was getting complicated, and with Carlo staying up to work until gone midnight and me having to wait up to get him dinner when he got back, it was just easier to all move up there and camp out.


We've got no internet connection...although we do have one of those dongle thingys but I haven't a clue where it is so I have to find wifi spots during the daytime.

I have a whole pile of Ikea furniture to put together, mountains of clothes all over the place (who knew we had so much stuff?)

I have taken to doing the weekly shopping with a giant rucksack, as it is easier to carry down the steps.

The cats took the move fairly well...Tiger loves the garden and explores a bit every day. Lily, however is a big old scaredy cat and takes about 5 steps outside then runs back in and hides under the sofa.

We're having a mini heatwave and the garden is suddenly green and full of flowers. Last night at 1030pm I found myself halfway up a plum tree with Carlo rigging up some fairy lights. I haven't climbed a tree in years!

I've hung up my heels for now!


  1. lovely!!!! Auguri!!! I can't wait to see more pics! How long does it take to get to the beach from there? Jus curious.

  2. How fabulous ,, and I love the colour of the door :-)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. How wonderful - it sounds like you are having alot of fun with the move! Love the door color! xxoo

  5. What a great feeling to move into this house that you are so passionately transforming into your home! Have been enjoying following your journey so far, good luck as you continue on!

  6. yes yes yes the door is FABULOUS! finally home :) Love hearing how the four-legged friends are adjusting. can't wait to read how it all progresses <3


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