Tuesday, July 9

House Befores and Afters!

So it's been a while but we've moved in and have been hard at work and I now feel happy to show some before and after photos of our home! I've tried to take all the after photos from the same angles as the before photos because it really annoys me when you get before and afters from completely different perspectives. First of all the kitchen which hasn't really changed much, just been smartened up:

and looking the other way, from this:

and this:
to this:
I made my very own breakfast zone!

Now you have a glimpse of the living area. Let me show you what it looked like before:

 And now:
We can't believe how perfectly our old sofa fitted against the wall here!
And looking the other way:

Master bedroom before:

and after:
 We had to chop the bottom of the wardrobe off to fit it back in place.
 Here's what it looks like above:
 And underneath:

And lastly outside...we're still working out here but for now its not too bad!
From bare and empty:
 To outside dining:

And from construction zone:
 To outside living area: (This was taken just before we salvaged the old table and bench from the above photo and put it in front of the window below).
We've also bought a barbeque and roped in our first visitors to put it together for us...thank you again! So we love our house now and we don't even mind the steps to get here, you get used to them after a while. Skyes room still needs kitting out and next year the garden will change. but for now we're sitting back and enjoying our home!


  1. You've done a fabulous job with your house! I love what you did to your bedroom.

  2. I miss your house! :) We were so happy to be your first house guests, and if you ever need assembly help again just give us a call - we are Swedes, it's in our genes ;) xoxo

  3. congratulations! it's just fabulous! wishing you much love and joy in your beautiful new home :)

  4. Congrats! Everything looks great - hope I can see it one day :)

  5. oh. my. god. It looks INCREDIBLE! I think you've done an amazing job! I would love to know the square footage (or meterage? lol) of your place! I keep trying to convince DH that we could make the most of a smaller place, but he's a hard nut to crack...going to sit him and down and make he read your post tonight!

  6. Well Nicki, it is wonderful , what a fabulous job you have done to it ,, I would be more than happy to live there ♥

  7. Love it, Nicki! You guys are a formidable renovating team. It looks warm and welcoming and down to earth. Love the little British touches and the white and blue.

  8. made DH look at every picture and study your ways ;) Also, just noticed Holly's photobomb in the third to last image...sweet girl!


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