Friday, August 30

Aperitivo time in Positano

Back in June I spent a couple of weeks working (as make up artist) on a new UK TV series based in South Italy. I can't write more about it until the programmes have aired, so more on that in September. But one of the things we had to film was Italy's aperitivo time. The place we had organized to film in turned out to be a rather empty piazza apart from a couple of old men sitting outside a bar playing cards. We ended up piling into the crew minivans and making a mad dash for the nearest big city, whilst furiously typing onto our phones asking for recommendations of where to film from various expat communities in Italy. At the time more than one of us thought what a shame it was that we were too far away from the Amalfi Coast to film the segment there.
In Positano aperitivo time in the summer is that magical time when the sun goes down and before it gets dark. Everyone is salty and windswept and leaves the beach, heading to a bar with a seaview.

 La Brezza, the Buca di Bacco and the new Paradise Bar are the main choices.
People gather, table hopping is rife, nobody stays in one place for long, chairs are moved from table to table and you WILL meet new people.
This is all done straight from the beach by the way. No fancy clothes, beach hair is the norm and barefoot is fine too.

Drinks are ordered, but just one per person, the favourite choices being Nastro Azzuro beer, Spritzes, Tricky trickys (vodka with lemon granita) and prosecco.
Nibbles are part of the service, pizza bites, big green olives, pistachios and our favourite, fiery olives that come in a little dish soaked in tabasco sauce and lemon juice.
You never know who you will end up talking to, every evening is different, but it is a whirlwind of meeting old friends, making new ones and discovering hidden talents when you least expect it.
As soon as darkness starts falling it's time to go home. And if you're really lucky you'll enjoy a great view on your way up from the beach.


  1. I think a tricky-tricky is just what I need... remind me of that in May!

  2. I want a Tricky Tricky, too - peccato that I bet they're only available in summer in these beach locations...haven't seen one around before!

  3. they are tricky drinks because the granita always melts far too fast!

  4. i LOVE aperitivo. it's one of my favorite italian traditions. naples had a great culture of it with the young professionals, huge party every evening in the fall and winter!

    and that tricky tricky, never heard of it. now that i'm not pregnant anymore, i'll have to make one at home :)

  5. that previous comment was tracie p, by the way. blogger makes it so hard to comment! sara rosso, i am a definite wordpress convert!

  6. Hi Tracie! Naples aperitivi are the best, especially on Sunday mornings!

  7. I love it all :-) and cannot wait to see the new programme :-)

    The Italians just do it RIGHT ..I like Apero Spritz , and the little bites that go with it ,Pistachios and olives my favourite . Super service .

  8. Tricky-tricky...sounds refreshing; perfect for a summer seaside aperitvio. It sort of reminds me of the Venetian sgroppino, although that's usually served after dinner.

  9. just got our first "snow" this morning and already I am yearning for a beach aperitivo. Reading this I feel like I am there, the briny sent of the beach, the taste of the olives, the prosecco bubbles tickling my nose....ahhhh


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