Wednesday, August 28

August ends

The last week of August and like clockwork cracks appear in the weather. The temperature drops just a fraction or two, storms are predicted and clouds reappear, then vanish again.

Every afternoon the wind picks up. Beach umbrellas go flying, as does anything that is not pinned down. My hair whips back and forth just like in the song, elastics and Alice bands are a necessity if you don't want to be blinded by your own hair....or in my case look like a pazza with wispy strands going every which way.

Small boats are pulled up out of the sea, safer on the beach. Every day or so a thunderstorm rolls in and the town is washed clean after a hot dusty summer. If the storm hits in the daytime I sit and watch the people scatter, running from the beach to find shelter as if the raindrops might hurt.

If the bad weather hit while we're at home rush around to unplug the phone, TV and Internet. Our house is 'at the end of the line' which means that if lightening strikes everything gets zapped. I know this is true because we have already had to buy a new phone and modem once, ther was a huge electrical ZAP and a flash, and then darkness.

The storm passes and the sun comes out again, how strange to see all the sunloungers empty while the sun still shines.

At home, sheltered in the valley it is noticably cooler than down on the beach. Every morning I dress wrong and end up carrying extra clothes around so I can adapt to the heat. As I walk down the mountain steps in the mornings I find myself stepping on fallen olives and carobs. It's nearly harvest time and in Positano, away from the beach there is a lot of work to be done.

But for now it is still summer, there is still time to swim, kayak, borrow friends boats, eat every meal outside and walk barefoot. We are entering that golden time of year when the light changes from harsh to soft, tinged with gold like an old Kodak photograph....just remembered to keep an umbrella handy!



  1. Glad to see you are posting on this blog... in addition to being a fabulous photog, you are also a great writer!

  2. I can tell you over here the summer is gone. I have to embrace the fall. Enjoy a swim while you can!! The photos are marvelous. I wouldn't mind to be there right now. A little wind won't bother me :D

    xx Mira

  3. You're writing! You're redesigning! I'm loving it! :) xxx

  4. I love it too! Love the photos and yep it's that time of year. Back to school here for the kiddies and the thunderstorms are every few days here. It's soooo hot and humid too, you'd think Toronto was in some tropical paradise but it's not!

  5. Ohh my gosh, beautiful pictures! I want to go there!!


  6. Hi there, your blog is amazing, I love it, I'm so jealous of your life in Positano. I want to move to Italy one day. Do you have any posts about how you moved there, settled in, and finally made it in Italy? I would love to know about it!

    Cheers! From,

  7. Hi Champagne Sunday, I think I must have written about moving here at some point...but I've been blogging since 2006..I;ll have to look through the archives!


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