Sunday, August 25

Mirror mirror on my wall

Out of all the housewarming gifts we received this has to be the best. A mirror framed by old signposts from my local woodland area back in England. Fantastico, no? And of course there is a little story of how it came to be...

A couple of months ago, on a sunny day in Surrey, England, Dad went for a walk in Esher woods. He worked his way deeper into the woodland and found a small pathway that he hadn't seen before so he decided to see where it let.

Deeper and deeper into the woods he went until suddenly he came across a clearing with a small shed in the middle. Hanging on the wall of the shed was a strange wooden carving of a face. Dad walked nearer to get a better look.

He was just looking around for other carvings when a man stepped  out of nowhere holding a chainsaw...

No one to be afraid Dad greeted the man and told him he was just admiring the sculpture.
"Ooh, do you like it, really?" said the chainsaw man, "I made it."

It turns out the chainsaw man whose name is Ashley works in the local woods and commons for Elmbridge Council, about 1200 acres. When trees fall down his job is to clear them, but being a creative type he decided to carve them into benches and chairs and make sculptures with the leftovers.

He also makes and renews all the woodland signposts and then makes these mirror frames with the old signs.

Dad loved the mirror at first sight and knew it would be perfect for our kitchen wall in Italy. He asked if it was for sale, which it was for a very low price, (honestly Ashley you could easily ask for 3 times as much!)

There aren't many of these mirrors to be had, I think he only makes one every 3 months or so, so if you want one you will have to go hunting in the woods for Ashley. He doesn't have a shop or website and he says he doesn't know where he would sell them from anyway. I think they would sell like hotcakes, don't you?

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Lovely story behind the mirror :-) I think they would be a big seller too, fabulous.

  3. He won't have any trouble selling them as he appears to be very artistic.

  4. I would love one from the part of Surrey we lived in for the best part of our marriage. :)

  5. Men with chainsaws are scary lol. The mirror is really a stunning and unique piece.

    xx Mira

  6. It would be better if he didn't sell too many of them. If they became all the rage you wouldn't have such a unique piece of art!

  7. Right? My Dad said not to tell anyone in case there werent any left to buy!

  8. That is so cool!! Looks amazing!


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