Friday, August 23

Recipe from the garden

Every morning I open the front door and peek out to see who's there. Usually Nonno is pottering around and sometimes one or two brothers in no wandering around in my knickers anymore..
So its another hot sunny day, nearly the end of August, what can I make from the garden now?
There are still a few oranges from last winter clinging onto the tree, even though I can see new ones growing too. I need a ladder but manage to get an orange without killing myself.
Kumquats, mint leaves and strawberries...(yes, I know you cant see the strawberries but they are there just below the orange flowers).
Some sage leaves from the big bush at the front of the garden and a cucumber, one of the last as the plant has dried out now. And on my way back I grab a lemon off the tree. A big one.
I don't have any small lemons, sorry.
Anyway, I also added to the ingredients a handful of blackberries from the freezer. I am sure I could go out and find some growing somewhere but...nah, freezer berries it is.
So, we have our ingredients, now we need some big jam jars and we're ready.
To make flavoured waters! Yes, thats it, nothing fancy, no traditional Italian recipe today because it's still summer, it's too hot for big plates of pasta. We need to drink lots of water all day long and this is how I've been doing it.
Every day I make a different combination of fruit and herbs and slip them into a big bottle of water which I sip on throughout the day. Here are my favourites:
From the left: orange, kumquat and mint water, strawberry, blackberry and sage water and lemon, cucumber and mint water. Aren't they pretty? I've been using them as table decorations too!


  1. Wow just look at the size of that Lemon ,, how great.

    Yes no walking round in your knickers , they would be surprised lol ..

    Great idea with the water, and with such great fruits available to you right on your doorstep .. FAB ..

  2. I never thought of making flavored waters - what a fabulous idea. And the bottles look like art.

  3. What a great idea! They look amazing!
    I sure do miss the size of Italian lemons!

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