Wednesday, August 21

The steps in Positano

I spend a lot of time climbing steps. Living in a valley with 465 steps up to road level or roughly 700 steps down to the next road level doesn't leave us with much choice except to develop our calf muscles.
In the morning I walk down to work at the beach. I haven't managed to count how many steps that is because I keep stopping to exchange "buongiorno's" with people, but it must be over 1000. At lunchtime I walk back up again...and after 3 hours back down to work again...
I finish work at 7pm and then if I'm in a hurry to get home I walk up again...if there's no rush I sometimes get a lift up to Montepertuso and walk down.
Walking down to the beach is tougher on the legs but the view makes it worthwhile. Every morning I want to stop and take photos along the way.
At night the view is amazing in summer with all the big yachts lit up below..
So I'm definitely getting plenty of cardio, but I'm going to start doing Pilates in September to even out the rest of me...don't want hulk calves on a otherwise skinny body!


  1. I know the feeling , when we went to stay in Argegno Lake Como , our apartment was up so high ,, had to walk down to the shops and back up again , at least I did it for 10 days. YOu are going to be super fit :-)

  2. You're getting some great exercise and such beautiful views. When I lived in the Virgin Islands I lived atop a hill that also had tons of steps - that was definitely my workout!

  3. What a wonderful place to live - I remember this place from a film I once saw. Living in a hilly place is very good exercise! It's wonderful name for a blog - figs and lemons - two of my favourite things. Thanks for commenting on my blog - I shall enjoy finding out more about you. Axxx


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